Introduction to Computational Science
Angela B. Shiflet and George W. Shiflet 
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Mathematica Computational Toolbox Files

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Chapter 2                  Fundamental Considerations

Module 2.1      Computational Toolbox—Tools of the Trade: Tutorial 1

Tutorial1 v5

Tutorial1 in pdf v5

Tutorial1 v6

Tutorial1 in pdf v6

Tutorial1 v7

Tutorial1 in pdf v7

Chapter 5                  Simulation Techniques

Module 5.1      Computational Toolbox—Tools of the Trade: Tutorial 2

Tutorial2 v5

Tutorial2 in pdf v5

Tutorial2 v6

Tutorial2 in pdf v6

Tutorial2 v7

Tutorial2 in pdf v7

Chapter 8                  Data-Driven Models

Computational Toolbox—Tools of the Trade: Tutorial 3

Tutorial3 v5

Tutorial3 in pdf v5

Tutorial3 v6

Tutorial3 in pdf v6

Tutorial3 v7

Tutorial3 in pdf v7

Module 8.2      Function Tutorial

FuntionTutorial v5

FunctionTutorial in pdf v5

FuntionTutorial v6

FunctionTutorial in pdf v6

FuntionTutorial v7

FunctionTutorial in pdf v7

Module 8.3      Empirical Models

8_3QRQ in doc

8_3QRQ in pdf

EmpiricalModels v5

EmpiricalModels in pdf v5

EmpiricalModels v6

EmpiricalModels in pdf v6

EmpiricalModels v7

EmpiricalModels in pdf v7

Chapter 9                  Monte Carlo Simulations

Module 9.1      Computational Toolbox—Tools of the Trade: Tutorial 4

Tutorial4 v5

Tutorial4 in pdf v5

Tutorial4 v6

Tutorial4 in pdf v6

Tutorial4 v7

Tutorial4 in pdf v7

Module 9.3      Area Through Monte Carlo Simulation

Area v5

Area in pdf v5

Area v6

Area in pdf v6

Area v7

Area in pdf v7

Module 9.4      Random Numbers from Various Distributions

9_4QRQ in doc

9_4QRQ in pdf

Distributions v5

Distributions in pdf v5

Distributions v6

Distributions in pdf v6

Distributions v7

Distributions in pdf v7

Chapter 10                  Random Walk Simulations

Module 10.1    Computational Toolbox—Tools of the Trade: Tutorial 5

Tutorial5 v5

Tutorial5 in pdf v5

Tutorial5 v6

Tutorial5 in pdf v6

Tutorial5 v7

Tutorial5 in pdf v7

Module 10.2      Random Walk

RandomWalk v5

RandomWalk in pdf v5

RandomWalk v6

RandomWalk in pdf v6

RandomWalk v7

RandomWalk in pdf v7


Chapter 11                  Diffusion

Module 11.1    Computational Toolbox—Tools of the Trade: Tutorial 6

Tutorial6 v5

Tutorial6 in pdf v5

Tutorial6 v6

Tutorial6 in pdf v6

Tutorial6 v7

Tutorial6 in pdf v7

Module 11.2      Spreading of Fire

11_2QRQ in doc

11_2QRQ in pdf

Fire v5

Fire in pdf v5

Fire v6

Fire in pdf v6

Fire v7

Fire in pdf v7

Module 11.3      Movement of Ants

11_3QRQ in doc

11_3QRQ in pdf

Ants v5

Ants in pdf v5

Ants v6

Ants in pdf v6

Ants v7

Ants in pdf v7