Scientific Examples I Assignment

Make the changes in the indicate programs below.  In each case, give the code changes and the function or part of the program in which the changes occur.  Indicate how the resulting display looks.


Change the code to use a heat ramp if a constant RAMP is defined.

Change the code to have cold applied only initially but heat applied continuously.

Change the code to have one hot area composed of 2 grid points and one cold area of 2 grid points at opposite ends of the bar.


Have each molecule be blue, unless it hits the wall.  Upon hitting the wall, turn the molecule red for that instant.  During execution, observe what happens as you make the box smaller.

Instead of turning the molecule red for an instant, keep a molecule red after it hits and notice how long it takes for all the molecules to turn red.


Design different bodies of water and describe how disease spreads.

Code for a quarantine.  What happens?

How do you make a smaller recovery rate?  What happens?